Bamboo Events is well experienced factories and product launch organisers Bengaluru. Till date we have done 14 launches. Few of the brands we have launched Herotech India, Alstom, Apmo.

Every time when we launch a product or a factory or a showroom or product Launch organisers Bengaluru (Bangalore), we feel so happy, We feel like few 100 butterflies in us. Because that is the moment when we see smile of achievement in our client and hope in rest. We always believed that its an dream that we are launching, a idea that we are opening. And this thought has made Bamboo events one of the favourite corporate event management for many top brands in India for their launches.

Part we play:

  • Decoration
  • Launch theme
  • Technology for Launch / Product unveiling
  • Product Presentation
  • Catering
  • Guest handling

All the listed above will be handled by Bamboo Events.

We are factory & product launch organisers. Organising launches in Bangalore.

We are Bamboo Events


Launch of Alstom Factory